Monster Hunter World is a critically acclaimed experience, but a difficult game for a PC to run. Like its predecessors, MHW is a game about hunting and killing gigantic monsters in an expansive fantasy world. It’s the first main-series/non-spinoff Monster Hunter game to be ported to PC, and it has quickly joined the ranks of PC ports of great games that are poorly optimized for PC.

On its initial release, this immensely popular and critically celebrated game had ‘Mixed’ reviews on its Steam Store page; the majority of the positive reviews talked about the content of the game itself, and the majority of the negative reviews talked about its poor performance.

But Monster Hunter World’s poor optimization doesn’t change the fact that that the gameplay is fun; nor that the world design is incredible; nor that folks want to play it!

So just what does it take to run Monster Hunter World with high FPS? What’s the lowest-tier modern PC that can run MHW consistently above 60 FPS at 1080p with low settings? What sort of PC would be needed to run MHW with 60 FPS at 4K on the highest settings? Which in-game graphics settings have the biggest impact on the game’s performance?

In Section 1, we discuss the official minimum and recommended specifications for Monster Hunter World, and what kind of performance each set of specs could provide.

In Section 2, we provide four balanced example builds geared toward providing enough power to run Monster Hunter World at 60 FPS with different resolutions (1080p, 1440p, and 4K).

Finally, in Section 3, we have put together a Monster Hunter World graphics settings guide that will tell you what each graphics option does, and how much each of them impacts the FPS of the game.

You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and many more in the article below!

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