A PC is the gaming solution for a massive number of people in today's world, and a living room gaming PC is a way of bringing the greatness of PC gaming to a comfortable space usually controlled by video game consoles. A living room gaming PC (which is sometimes called a Steam machine, when it is hooked up with Steam's own operating system) grants you the capability to play your favourite PC games from your couch, with the games displayed in full glory on a television. Many users then take advantage of Valve's various offerings (their operating system and/or their Steam Big Picture mode) for a straightforward and convenient interface with Steam that is controller-friendly.

Basically, this kind of PC is a small computer that acts like a console—a really awesome, high-resolution console that you can customize, upgrade, and use to play the wide variety of games that the PC world has to offer.

In Section 1, we'll review a number of example living room gaming PC or Steam machine builds.

In Section 2, we'll go in-depth on how to properly set up a Steam Machine, if that's your preference.

In Section 3, we'll provide info on how to do living room PC gaming with an existing desktop computer.

In Section 4, we'll discuss your various controller options.

And finally, in Section 5, we'll give you a smattering of extra tips to get your living room gaming PC just right.

First, let's quickly discuss the operating system (OS), as it may influence the hardware you choose.

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