Ranking Graphics Cards from Most Powerful to Least

Finding the best graphics card for your money involves serious research. This page ranks graphics cards from best to worst.

This list consists of graphics cards released in roughly the last seven years. To see even older cards or any graphics card you don't see here, please consult the Tom's Hardware GPU Hierarchy Table.

The list starts with the best, most powerful graphics cards first, from both NVIDIA and AMD. Wherever the two brands are essentially equivalent in power, they appear on the same row. The numbers above the cards compare their performance to the RTX 4090.

Please note: These graphics card rankings are approximate. Performance will vary from program to program. When possible, we suggest doing your own performance research on the programs and games you want to run. In some applications, some graphics cards will perform slightly better than cards above them, or slightly worse than cards below.

The Resolution and FPS bars give a rough idea of how well each graphics card performs with mainstream, demanding games at the given specification.

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